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Today’s adolescents and minors are the first generation to come of age amid accelerating climate change, and they have the most at stake in how humanity responds to it. Climate change will bring financial and environmental challenges as well as opportunities, and youth who understand the issues at stake will be better prepared to respond and turn the crisis into opportunities. Geographical and Climate education is a vital groundwork for them to comprehend and help confront the complex issue of climate change. Many will become leaders with the skills, knowledge, and passion for pushing innovative solutions and build low carbon and sustainable economies.

In 2017, Morgan Stanley launched the Climate Change Mitigation Index, which highlights the potential for innovations that mitigate climate change and provide potential market-rate returns. According to information in that report, total investments in renewable energy are estimated to reach $5.1 trillion globally by 2030. Furthermore, the share of companies in the “green” market is expected to grow many folds from 18% in 2018.

#Education #Research #Exploration #Contact #Blog


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