Afterschool Programs and Kids Success

How the afterschool programs and activities affect kids success and career graph?

#Education #Research #Exploration #Contact

#Education #Research #Exploration #Contact

There is an ongoing debate about how to increase afterschool opportunities for children and youth, to boost their knowledge and advancement across the day, through the year, and from kindergarten through high school. Discussion continues about the variety of academic, public, and other types of expertise and abilities that young students will need to succeed as workers, citizens, and family and community members in a global world.

To help with the efforts, Harvard did a review of these studies based on the database and evaluation of hundreds of afterschool programs. The review was based to address two fundamental questions – whether afterschool programs make a difference, and if so what scenarios need to exist to make a difference and to achieve successful outcomes.

The verdict: “a decade of research and evaluation studies confirms that children and youth who participate in afterschool programs can reap a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas — academic, social-emotional, prevention, and health and wellness. These are the skills that many suggest are necessary for youth to succeed in the 21st century global economy and world.” Harvard Review.

#Education #Research #Exploration #Contact


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