Grooming Kids for Leadership -Afterschool Skills -II

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Educating kids in afterschool experiences and skills which are not part of the K12 syllabus is critical in today’s age and time. The following life-skill will boost their prospects of realizing business and leadership success

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Developing Curiosity

Kids (and adults) have become captives of Google; every response now comes so hastily that the curiosity and urge to think over something has gone. To inculcate a love for problem-solving and tackling challenges, encourage your child to play many strategic games and puzzles. Age-appropriate jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, and circuit blocks make a great choice.

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Financial education

Educate your kids about capital from a young age to give them a firm grounding in finance. Inspire them to maintain a log of the pocket funds, how they use it, and how much they save. Explain to them how savings are the ‘roots’ that can help them build the ‘tree’ of future business.

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